When the pandemic came

We left the old office…

…to help you recover in the cloud.

Digital technology is a fast way to economic recovery—yet only a fraction of the potential is utilized. We came up with a new concept to help you run your business online.

Only 21%

of SMEs have digitilized their core business processes.

Only 1%

of the nation-wide revenues are coming in through online platforms.

Only 13%

of enterprises are utilizing artificial intelligence.

Only 50%

of large enterprises are utilizing cloud technology.

Only 6%

of Austrian businesses are utilizing big data analytics.

Only 23%

of SMEs are using cloud technology for their business.

About (EN)

Our Values


Privacy and data security is our core principle. We manage data protection with great care and follow strict procedures.

Thinking ahead

Our solutions are smart, not rushed. We plan ahead together with our clients and are prepared.

Price Transparency

There are no surprises in our invoices. The scope of our work is always defined beforehand and we deliver at the agreed price.

Quality Assurance

We value good work. Any deliverables are reviewed, checked, and validated multiple times.

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