Startup or Freelancer: Don’t Miss These 4 Free Resources

Starting as a freelancer or startup? Don’t miss out

In this post, we go through great resources that will set you on a straight way to your own business. Don’t worry—all these resources are free.

Governmental subsidies

There is a high number of governmental subsidies. It is always a good idea to check if your business idea qualifies for any of them. The Chamber of Commerce has a simple search site.

Discounted liability insurance

Many industries have special offers, including liability insurance. It might be a good idea to check if there is an industry-specific deal you could join. The Chamber of Commerce provides helpful industry-specific information.

Freelancer or limited?—Check the math

There are substantial differences in tax payments between launching your business as a corporation and as an individual. To get a rough idea about how much your monthly social security payment would be as a freelancer, you can check the calculator provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Business license questions and more—free advice

The Chamber of Commerce has a service area for founders of new businesses. Get in touch and get an appointment to consult your business plan, prospects, possibilities, and more. Professional advice is hard to find for free otherwise.


There are a number of free resources available to starting businesses. Some of these—such as governmental subsidies—require a lengthy procedure; others—such as information and free consulting by the Chamber of Commerce—are easy and fast to obtain.

Please note that this article is illustrative and cannot provide all specifics regarding this topic. Your case may differ. We always recommend consulting an experienced specialist before making decisions.

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